Thick as Thieves

    Wild Provision Saison

    • Aroma Sweet, herbal, and spicy
    • Aroma Sweet, herbal, and spicy
    • Flavour Complex with citrus-marmalade notes
    • Character Round-bodied and strong
    • Character Round-bodied and strong
    • Colour Golden

    Best keep a sharp eye on your glass of this barrel-aged wild saison lest it be purloined when you’re not looking. Brewed with a unique multi-culture in cunning collaboration with our accomplices from Crooked Stave Brewery, this delicately sour saison – with its sweet & spicy aroma & round-bodied lemony character – would be an enticing treasure for any backyard moon-lighter. (NO GROWLER FILLS)

    • Pairs With... Strong aged cheeses, charcuterie, Pasta with spicy red sauce.
    • Available in... 750ml bottles
    9.1 %