Wild Fermented Farmhouse Ale

Citrus / Honey / Dry Finish 

This farmhouse ale was brewed with a unique yeast that our brewers captured in the experimental apple orchard in Strathcona Park. Out of the 14 wild yeast candidates that were isolated, this one was selected for its honey-like sweetness and remarkably clean character. Loral and Opal hops add a subtle herbal and citrus character, and wheat malt lends a bready malt character that supports the honey flavours from this yeast.


AROMA Honey / Lemon / Herbal

CHARACTER Sweet / Refreshing / Clean 

A.B.V. 4.6%

PAIRS WITH Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese and Citrus Vinaigrette / Rosemary Potato Wedges / Pork Chop


For the best experience, bring a growler of this refreshing grisette for a picnic amongst the apple trees in Strathcona Park where this yeast originated!

HOPS Loral, Opal

MALT Pilsen, Wheat 

YEAST Unique Strathcona Yeast "E2"


OG 1.046


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