Mister Hip

    India Pale Ale

    • Aroma: Big a juicy
    • Aroma: Big a juicy
    • Character: Fruity and piney
    • Colour: Golden and cloudy
    • Colour: Golden and cloudy
    • Hops: Simcoe and Citra
    • Malt: Canadian Pale
    • Malt: Canadian Pale
    • Yeast: SanDiago Super

    The Simcoe hop brings tons of ripe fruit and pine character to this IPA and a generous addition of salts creates a soft balanced pallet. This IPA is an awesome representation of the unique character of the Simcoe hop.

    Sweet Sweet Mister Hip you’ve got to me, come drink throughout the day with me. Take one fresh & hoppy sip from a golden glass of this, where citrus, grapefruit, pine a-flourish, memories are made of this…


    • Pairs With... Thirst, Pizza and Burgers.
    • Available in... Currently Unavailable
    6.5 %