Dry-Hopped Sour

Sour And Juicy / Refreshing / Hazy Straw

Nelly is a juicy kettle sour with a blend of mango and pineapple flavours produced by the Sacch B Trois yeast strain with lemon and passionfruit aromas contributed by the dryhop. Bright fruit flavours and a soft mouthfeel give way to a crisp grapefruit-like finish making for a flavourful and refreshing brew

COLOUR Hazy Straw

AROMA Mango Nectar, Passionfruit

CHARACTER Sour And Juicy, Refreshing

A.B.V. 4.5%

PAIRS WITH Shellfish / Curry / Thai / Goat Cheese / Citrus desserts

HOPS Mosaic, Amarillo, Ekuanot

MALT Pilsen And Wheat

YEAST Sacch B Trois, Lactobacillus

Aroma 85%
Appearance 95%
Flavour & Mouth Feel 65%