Look Through the Lens

Artist Name: Stephanie Solem

Show Dates: July 27th - August 28th


Artists statement:I see myself now, The lens shows me the truth. I see what others see. My anxiety’s self imposed lens has been removed. If I can see now, maybe I can help others to see. My journey to this point has been lesson after lesson and I want to share my lessons. You are the problem. Your negative self talk, your insecurity. STOP! Accept, Love. Time can’t be stopped, it’s always ticking. What are you waiting for? I want you to see the confidence in my photographs. I want you to see a young girl fighting against crippling anxiety. Against beauty standards. See a young girl who has become a mother of two. See a mother confident in her new body. Accepting the scars of motherhood. Be brave, the children are watching. I was tired of running, tired of fighting so I ended the battle. I chose to accept and unconditionally love. Now I see, do you see? Women created these photographs. We decided what we wanted to do and how we wanted to express it. See the truth, look through the lens.


10% of all proceeds will be donated to Anxiety Canada by the artist. 


Tucked in at the far end of the Tasting Room is Charles Clark. No, he's not a bar regular but our flex gallery space where we host rotating art exhibitions, born of the idea of making art accessible in unexpected places.

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Most of my heros don't appear on no Stamp

Artist Name: Adi Nokiani Dates: June 28th - July 24th

Artist Statement:

Adi Nokiani is a Vancouver based dentist & self-taught artist. Mediums range from canvas to ink markers to sculpting, with a primary passion for acrylics. Contained in this studio is a portrait collection of personal heroes, both present and
yesteryear. Inspiration is drawn largely from childhood icons of old school hip hop & combat sports, both worlds which heavily raised him. Some subjects since immortalized while many others seemingly forgotten with time. To the latter, these tributes serve as a ceremonial nod to those who never got their just due. In return, no higher artistic reward exists than the honor he's had to touch base with so many of his heroes who've shown love. Full circle.