Dana Tate

Craig Wilson
Nov 12 - 30th 


A series of art exhibitions bleed across the whispering city, 100% of their print sale profits going to the @vanfoodbank. Choose your colour of noir, and this Christmas, help cast some light into the shadows... 


refrACTION is a solo passion project and as such, print purchases will be collected, run together, and delivered to the gallery of your choice at the the end of the exhibitions run. The QR codes will whisk you to the online store where you can make purchases and get updates on the delivery of your order, as well as contact the artist. 


Craig Wilson is a 30+ year veteran of the animation industry. All images were drawn by hand and coloured in Photoshop. Thank you all for supporting a great cause! 


Tucked in at the far end of the Tasting Room is Charles Clark. No, he's not a bar regular but our flex gallery space where we host rotating art exhibitions, born of the idea of making art accessible in unexpected places.

For more information or for artists wanting to submit a proposal for an exhibition, please email


Creatures of Tate

The Creatures are coming
Chaotically sublime
Free swinging boobies
Blood spatter & slime

They bubble they slither
In my mind they gyrate
And that's how we make
The Creatures of Tate

September 28th - November 1st