there, there

there, there 
Dylan Humphreys
January 5th-January 30th
Instagram @dylan_humphreys

Dylan Humphreys is an artist from British Columbia.

Humphreys approaches the physical experience and tradition of art while simultaneously contrasting and incorporating the world of non-art. An appreciation of contemporary aesthetics through works of comics, hip-hop, and film is an essential part of the imagining behind his narrative.

Dylan's work explores the relationship between the artist's body, mind, and surrounding political structure. Humphreys prefers to operate at a spontaneous rate out of an urgent desire to complete works that also imbues a relationship to performance.


Tucked in at the far end of the Tasting Room is Charles Clark. No, he's not a bar regular but our flex gallery space where we host rotating art exhibitions, born of the idea of making art accessible in unexpected places.

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Artist Name: Annie Gallos

Show Dates: November 25th- December 31st, 2022


Instagram: @scout_berry



I have always loved how interpretive visual art can be. I feel grateful that my form of self-expression is not only an outlet for me, but that it can be experienced differently by others as well.

I have been working with acrylic and ink on canvas for 7 years, attempting to showcase the beauty in the grey of life. I want to convey some of the more difficult emotions through an abstract physical style, and allow a moment of respect for those feelings.

I decided to name this series "Voids" because much of this work was inspired by the belief that there can be beauty and clarity in the holes we sometimes find ourselves in.