Woodland Farmhouse Cider – NO FILLS

    Dry Cider

    • Aroma Bright apple
    • Aroma Bright apple
    • Character Bracing & dry with a firm tannic structure, & a clean, light finish
    • Colour Light straw
    • Colour Light straw
    • Apples Porters Perfection, Newtown Pippin, Golden Russet & others

    Believed to reside in the orchard’s oldest tree, the Apple Spirit is feted each year to ensure a bountiful harvest the next. Songs are sung, evil spirits scared off by noisy revellers, and cider is poured on the tree’s roots to reawaken it. Raise a glass of this tart, bright cider – made with a blend of traditional and new world varietals – to the apple tree’s prosperity. (NO GROWLER FILLS)


    • Pairs With... Crepes, Creamy pastas and soups, Ham, Quiche Loraine
    • Available in... On Tap
    6 %