Wild Ale (Helping Hands Project Series)

    • Style Wild Ale
    • Style Wild Ale
    • Aroma Spicy and fruity like Cherry Pie
    • Flavour Slightly funky with a cherry and spicy flavour
    • Flavour Slightly funky with a cherry and spicy flavour
    • Character Light but strongly flavourful and complex with a bit of alcoholic heat
    • Colour Pale Orange
    • Colour Pale Orange

    Brewed with ingredients from our “Backyard” – Cherries from the Okanagan and wild yeast wrangled from Strathcona Community Gardens. This beer is the first in our Helping Hands Series which benefits the folks living in our backyard who need a little support. Partial Proceeds of “Backyard” will be donated to Covenant House:

    Enjoy this light and fruity beer with it’s delicate cherry aroma, knowing that you’re helping those who need it.

    Harvesting and brewing with wild yeast from nature involves patience and a willingness to embrace something unpredictable. The yeast culture used to ferment this beer began with a trip to our local community garden. After collecting and experimenting with many possible specimens, we found one that showed promise as a tasty fermenter for beer and together with cherries from the Okanagan the Backyard Wild Ale was created. The character is complex and slightly funky with a spicy almost cinnamon like flavour and aroma. 

    • Pairs With... Pies and desserts, Fresh Cheese
    • Available in... 473ml cans + On Tap
    5.4 %