Pump Rental* YesNo
Do you require plastic cups (we charge $10 per sleeve of 25)* YesNo

Keg availability may change according to the time or year, and not all kegs are available at all times
We require kegs of beer back within 72 hours. We charge a late fee for not getting kegs or keg equipment back within 72 hours.
Pump rental is
There is a deposit on the keg of $50 and a deposit on the pump rental of $50, both of which are fully refundable if both items are returned undamaged
We do not supply ice or bucket to hold the beer. A Rubbermaid garbage can works
If your beer gets warm it will not pour. You must keep this beer cold, or else you will have serious challenges pouring it
Have a pitcher handy for when you pour beer, so you keep waste to a minimum. If your beer is foamy, pour into your pitcher, and it will help
Filling out this form doesn’t guarantee your order. This will only initiate a conversation between Strange Fellows and yourself to organize the private sale, if we are able to complete it
You must drop by the brewery to pay for your beer prior to taking your beer. We will not release beer without the invoice and deposit being paid in full
With notice, we may possibly be able to deliver the beer for a minimum cost of $50 and we only delivered within Vancouver Monday to Friday during the day