Wickerman IPA

    India Pale Ale

    • Aroma: Citrus and stone fruit
    • Aroma: Citrus and stone fruit
    • Character: Fruity and softly bitter sweet
    • Colour: Straw
    • Colour: Straw
    • Hops: Ekuanot, Columbus, Simco, Amarillo
    • Malt: Canadian Superior Pils, Oast
    • Malt: Canadian Superior Pils, Oast
    • Yeast: Wy1318

    For centuries the Celts and other ancient people burned effigies made of wicker as sacrifice to the gods. These Wickermen represented a link between the spirt world and the world of men; fire drew the two together. Our Wicker man IPA might bring you one step closer to the world of sprits but it doesn’t really matter. Brewed with 4 killer Yakima hop varieties: Columbus, Ekuanot, Amarillo, and Simco it’s earthy, spicy, and fruity all at once. The bitter pithy finish is backed up by a soft sweet malt character.

    • Pairs With... Thirst, Pizza and Burgers.
    • Available in... Currently Unavailable + On tap in our tasting room
    6.8 %