The Familiar

    Brown Ale

    • Aroma Roasted & nutty
    • Aroma Roasted & nutty
    • Color Light brown
    • Character Malty
    • Character Malty
    • Grain UK Maris Otter, Canadian Pale, Chocolate malt
    • Hops Cascade
    • Hops Cascade
    • Yeast 1318

    Some things in life just seem right.  Like your favourite pillow, the company of a good friend, or a pair of jeans that fit just right.

    The Familiar is an English style brown Ale with a good malt backbone. Hops play a secondary role and only serve to balance the roast and chocolate flavours traditional in this style

    Next time you need a little comfort in life, be sure to include something Familiar.

    • Pairs With... Bacon burger, Grilled meats, roasted root veggies, aged hard cheeses
    • Available in... Currently Unavailable
    4.7 %