Coup de Foudre

    New World Wild Ale

    • Aroma Ripe cherry & plum
    • Aroma Ripe cherry & plum
    • Character Round & tart with a dry finish
    • Colour Amber
    • Colour Amber
    • Hops Irrelevant
    • Malt Wheat & Canadian Pale
    • Malt Wheat & Canadian Pale
    • Yeast Multiculture

    Heaven-sent by arrow or lightning bolt, “Love at First Sight” is thought to be a madness inflicted upon unsuspecting beings by the Gods for sport. Others believe it’s that moment of recognition when one first looks upon their other half. Either way, the poor soul didn’t know what hit them. Aged for over a year in our 6000 litre oak Foudre this fruity, complex ale is our tribute to the love struck

    • Pairs With... Seafood (muscles), Fruit deserts, Fresh cheese, Charcuterie. Quiche
    • Available in... 750ml bottles
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