Russian Imperial Stout

    Swift & silent, Owl glides through the darkness, his ominous screech believed to portend death & misfortune. But some revere him as a messenger of the spirit world, an oracle of secret knowledge. Inspired by Owl’s omniscience this rich, barrel-aged stout penetrates the inky darkness of the soul, illuminating unseen truths.

    A collaboration with Brasserie Trois Dames in Nov 2014, this was one of our very first brews and has aged in bourbon barrels ever since, developing a deep, dark, rich smoothness and leathery aroma.

    First brewed for the Russian Czar Peter the Great this beer style is as rich in history as it is in character. A huge roast barley and dark chocolate flavour give this 9% stout and assertive backbone. Suggestions of dark and dried fruits add complexity and peat smoked barley lends a scotch like nose.

    • Pairs With... Dessert!
    • Available in... 750ml bottles
    9 %