FIGURING IT OUT – Paintings by David Vegt

“Figuring It Out” is a collection of paintings that reflects my current process and the clarity I seek in my artwork.

The past seven years have been dedicated to painting with oils. The aim is to become a classically trained figurative painter by using the guidance of instructional books, international ateliers, art show conferences and, as of late, private zoom sessions with accomplished artists.

My father was a professional portrait photographer, and as I spent long stretches of time in his studio rifling through stacks of his portraits, I unconsciously uncovered a deep seeded admiration for portraiture.

Despite the camera’s culpable involvement in growing the irrelevance of portrait painting, my father’s portrait photography strengthened my desire to capture people with paint.

Although contemporary art has drifted from representation, I am nevertheless drawn to classical affective works that portray common scenes and average people. Great artists such as Jules Bastien LePage, Eduard Manet and Edgar Maxence continue to capture my fascination with the ordinary. By employing their honed techniques and sharpening my own, these paintings display a contemporary angle of the common.

David Vegt was born in Vernon, British Columbia and currently lives a divided life between rural Chilliwack and East Vancouver. Painting primarily on birch-panel with oil paint, David is mostly influenced by historically renowned painters such as Eduard Manet, Ilya Repin and Rembrandt van Rijn. David has had the opportunity to study with contemporary figurative artists Keita Morimoto, Odd Nerdrum, and Vincent Desiderio that are internationally recognized master painters. David earned a Bachelor of  Fine Art from the University of the Fraser Valley and was presented with the Fine Art Faculty Choice Award, as well as the Jacob-Marco Scholarship of Fine Art. David was selected as a finalist in the Art Renewal Center Salon Competition in New York city for a painting of his two daughters, and was one of the top ten artists chosen to display work at the Representational Art Conference in Leeuarden, Netherlands. David has artwork in private collections internationally.
EXHIBITION: August 18th – September 7th
Aug 18 2020

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