We are celebrating our FIVE-YEAR Anniversary with the special release of Illustrum – a Barrel-aged BRUT I.P.A.


A Strange Story – Vancouver 2014

As expectant parents often struggle to name their unborn child, Aaron and Iain laboured to christen their fledgling brewery. One night, while having a beer together after months of being unable to agree upon a name, they were declared to be just like the odd couple in their polar ways. A lightbulb went on and Strange Fellows was born. From its inception, Strange Fellows has been about a blending of ideas and histories with a common vision: that two strangers can have a beer together, look each other in the eye and toast the other’s health. We invite you to pour 2 glasses of this barrel-aged Brut IPA, find someone to share it with, and join us in a toast to the idea that our story is never complete without its different voices.




COLOUR Hazy straw

AROMA Fruity w/ hints of white grape & pear

CHARACTER Complex / fruity / dry round bitter finish

A.B.V. 6.5%

PAIRS WITH Cheese boards / Charcuterie / Celebrations

BREWERS NOTES This classic Brut IPA was barrel aged with a Brett D and Sac Trois yielding flavours reminiscent of pear and white grape. There is an almost creamy coconut like body along with a firm dry bitterness and a finish that brings to mind the oak barrels this IPA was aged in. Illusturm brings together all those things we love so much at Strange Fellows: unique “wild” yeast cultures, a solid Citra dry hop, and barrel aging. What could be more perfect for our 5th anniversary release?

Dec 13 2019

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