MUD WITCH – Madelaine Mongey

As a potter, I spend most of my days at the pottery wheel spinning
clay into identical forms. Sets of cups, pairs of mugs, and bowls
that stack take up most of my time. I enjoy the precision of
creating those useful objects but I often long to create a pot
without a plan. For Mud Witch, I began with the exact same
amount of clay and threw it into as many varied shapes as

I wandered through making the vases with the intention of a
pleasing form. Pulling the clay upwards. Pushing it outward.
Collaring it inwards again. I searched for balance in the profile of
each vase whether it was made with sharp lines, a flared lip, or a
tapered neck. Each vase is finished with a crawl glaze that I
brushed on to accent each form. This glaze is difficult to predict
and finicky to work worth. But when it does work, I find the texture
and patterns of it endlessly intriguing.

EXIBITION: October 1st-30th

RECEPTION: October 2nd, 7-9pm

Oct 2 2019

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