CHARLES CLARK – Kris Por Studio


Outside of the sandbox, play remains essential; it improves personal health,
relationships, and the ability to innovate. Play is a driver of creativity and
exploration and has been deemed so vital that the UN Convention on the
Rights of the Child has declared that every child has the right to play. But
why should it stop at age 18? Doing something, anything, for the joy of
doing it rather than a means to an end has been shown to release
endorphins, lower stress, and keep us young and feeling energetic. With
this lively collection of colourful artworks we encourage you to celebrate
the enjoyment of life.

Play is a selection of photographs, paintings, and woodworks by Kris and
Ashley, a collaboration of two Vancouver-based artists that form Kris Por

EXHIBITION July 2nd – 30th
RECEPTION July 9th, 7-9pm

Jul 2 2019

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