City Complex:  An extension of “Tracks”


My neighborhood is the downtown eastside of Vancouver. It’s a vibrant, busy community and a place where one doesn’t wander too far before encountering poverty, addiction, and poor mental health.


Ten years ago my own life moved dangerously close to the harshest of those circumstances, I was struggling to rise back to the surface. That was when my life-long enjoyment of photography shifted into a very positive tool for recovery: new ideas and a new focus.


In 2014 I had my first showing of images. The successful sales, the support of my friends’ and the encouraging comments from people who visited the show, convinced me to keep going.


This collection is an extension of that first exhibition, with a few new stories included that I have picked up along the way.


EXHIBITION: February 2nd-28th

RECEPTION: February 6th, 7-9pm

Feb 6 2019

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