Katie Sture



Compelling paintings by Vancouver artist Katie Sture in the Charles Clark Gallery this month.


Art allows us the power of being able to examine one’s physical and mental state through the
means of an expressive production. My personal work is comprised of interpretations of events
and experiences in my own life which inspire me to create; to express the subconscious and
material subjects in the world around me, in the hopes that through this study I can find myself,
even if it is only a glimpse of a fleeting truth.

In the ConsUmed.Series I explore the natural beauty of the female form using figurative
compositions. Forgoing the realistic representation of the human form, bodies evolve into large
abstract human landscapes. By manipulating the subjects size and distorting the physical
proportions of the figures, the contours become poised. The faces of the figures are consumed
by the darkness of the background to allow the contours of the figures to be the focal point.
Without distinguished faces the audience is invited to create their own interpretations of the
figures, forming a personal relationship with the imagery and ideas embedded within.


EXHIBITION January 8th – 31st

RECEPTION January 10th, 7-9pm

Jan 10 2019 January 8th - 31st
RECEPTION January 10th, 7-9pm

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