Traveling back and forth as a child between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver, I became very familiar with the milk run. Three and half hours of what felt like a lifetime stopping at other islands waiting for the last home stretch. When I think of the milk run now, the words solitude, ocean, family and calm come to mind. This new series involves photos from ferry rides, adventures down many stairs and walks on island beaches. I have always been drawn to photographing the ocean as its always changing. Its never the same between tides, seasons and weather. 
I combine my love of photography and painting to create a cohesive, dreamy and moody piece of work. I use a medium format film camera and print the image on a transparent paper. I layer the image overtop of paint, and silver leaf to create depth. The finished piece is then sealed with a resin finish and cold wax to create the last layer of texture. Each end result is an original and because of my process no two will ever be the same. 
EXHIBITION November 3rd-
RECEPTION November 8th, 7-9pm

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