Join us Friday October 19th for the release fo Mister Hip – a West Coast IPA by Strange Fellows brewer Regis Groleau.

Crepe pop-up by  JB Crepes, and Beer 6-9pm.


Sweet sweet Mister Hip you’ve got to me,

come drink throughout the day with me.

Take one fresh and hoppy sip

from a golden glass of this,

where citrus, grapefruit, pine a-flourish,

memories are made of this…

(sung to the tune of Dean Martin’s “Memories Are Made of This”)


Who is Regis Groleau? One of the brewers at Strange Fellows, Regis hails from Brittany where he grew up in a house by the sea with an enormous world map on his wall. Naturally he became an adventurer, exploring the seas both over and underwater. Ever curious, Regis is a commercial diver, sailor, shipwreck hunter, luthier, and brewer. His next adventure? His own brewery in France, where he will introduce west coast style craft beer to the old world.


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