Krampusnacht 2017: Tuesday December 5

“He was covered in fur from his head to his foot, the colour of midnight, the colour of soot. A bundle was squirming, slung over his back, and he looked like a thief, sneaking off with his sack.

His eyes were like embers, glowing fierce in the night – I froze in the shadows to hide from his sight! A bundle of branches held tight in his fist, reminded me that this was no happy tryst.

He had cloven hooves and a serpentine tail, my shameful behaviour he was here to wassail. He was wickedly bad, an evil old devil, and I cringed when I saw him, his whole being so dreadful.

The glint in his eye & the nod of his head soon gave me to know I had plenty to dread.”

December brings excitement for many children around the world as they eagerly await a visit from St. Nicholas. In some European alpine villages, this anticipation is tainted with fear, as there St. Nick is accompanied by the frightful Krampus. While St. Nick brings gifts for the nice children, Krampus – with his horns, cloven hooves and long devilish tongue – comes for the naughty. Instead of bringing treats, Krampus whips the naughty children with a switch, and takes the very bad away in his sack.

In the spirit of St. Nick, we will reward the nice with a delicious seasonal beer, while the naughty will have to answer to Krampus. On Tuesday, December 5th, Krampus will visit Strange Fellows Brewing from 6-8pm. Instead of photos with Santa this year, come by with friends and family* for photos with Krampus, and perhaps a glass of beer brewed in honour of the beast himself.

Photos by donation to the Vancouver Food Bank (non-perishable food items or suggested donation $5).

*Children welcome with a parent or guardian




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