FIR[E]SCAPE – Landscape Paintings by Laurie M. Landry

This month in the Charles Clark Gallery, we have a series of landscape paintings by artist Laurie M. Landry – beautiful yet chilling reminders of the vulnerability of our environment.


Every year, I travel to document landscapes far and near. In January, I visited Iceland, and fell in love with the land formed by fire and ice, and the winter light. With photos I’ve taken and memories, I try to capture the colour and light of the Iceland.

I also visit the Cariboo annually, and this past June was no exception. Instead of bucolic visions of northern Cariboo’s Boreal rainforest, I experienced the surreal world of smoke, fire, evacuation alerts and orders. I worried about family and friends who were caught in the evacuations. I watched endless news clips of fire and destruction. I heard first-hand recounts of evacuations and driving through walls of fire. I’ve experienced difficulty breathing due to the thick smoke.

My works explore the impact of the wildfires; try to make sense of the wildfires, and to document them to acknowledge that without action, without resolution, these fires may become part of the landscapes to come. – LML

A portion of the sales will be donated to Canadian Red Cross BC Fires Appeal Fund


EXHIBITION: October 1st through 29th
RECEPTION: October 3rd, 7-9pm

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