Join us May 8th for BAYARD’s Welcoming Party

Pop by between 4-6pm to sample the new bottle-conditioned Bayard, paired with local cheeses & meats.

BAYARD: He’s back and better than ever! – Hero of many a legend, Bayard the horse perpetually outwits any attempt to control him & fearlessly blazes his own path. He symbolizes the free spirit not to be tamed. Wild by nature, this Saison is the happenstance of unique yeasts & bottle-conditioning, & is just the thing for celebrating the things we cannot control.

Aroma: Peppery & Fruity

Character: Dry, spicy & refreshing

Colour: Golden

Hops: Euro

Yeast: Belgian multi-culture

Food: Asian, Middle-Eastern, Spicy, funky & creamy cheeses

ABV: 5.5%

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