STRANGE DAY # 26 : Setsubun

While Spring-for-real still seems a long way off, we can bolster our spirits to make it through another month of winter by celebrating Setsubun – Japan’s last day of winter before the beginning of Spring.

Malevolent or merely mischievous, Yokai – the shape-shifting demons of Japanese folklore – are thought to be unlucky. On the Japanese last day of winter, handfuls of beans are thrown at masked demons to drive away bad luck for the year to come. Then everyone eats one lucky bean for each year of their life, plus one to bring good fortune.

On Friday, February 3rd, exorcise evil spirits & bring good luck for the year ahead with a glass of fortune-giving beer*, lucky beans, and perhaps a little Karaoke. Since Setsubun is considered to be “apart from normal time” when the spirit world is close, disguises and cross-dressing are encouraged to confuse errant demons.

Dickie-san Ginger Wit” – our collaboration with Dickie’s Ginger Beer – will be on tap for a limited time.

Friday, February 3rd, 7-11pm

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