Moody and contemplative oil paintings by our very own Corey Robinson in the Charles Clark this month. Growth will make you think about the passage of time and the cycle of life.


Having been raised by a gardener, my childhood memories are made of the scent of earth and fresh cut grass. Plants and flowers have always been the background of my life and are now at the forefront of where I draw my inspiration from. I cherish the parallel between something growing from dirt and persevering through ones own challenges. In this series I reflect on the cycle of growth and things returning back to where they once came.

My paintings are built on layers of imperfections. Each layer leaves evidence of the work that led to the last brush stroke. Every attempt is part of the struggle to push through, in this I find my version of a silver lining – the rough edges.

An inspiring woman once told me that stains on a table cloth are not stains at all, but memories of good nights with family and friends. I am fascinated with this idea and see it everywhere. Perhaps it’s my inability to do things “right” the first time but my intention is to place a setting built from stains left behind. The purpose of this is to yield a view into a painting’s history like a tarnished antique.

Not only do I want the process to be evident, I want it to be accentuated. My previous trade, refinishing yachts, translates to this perfectly. I am applying my knowledge of varnishing worn wooden hand rails to painting. Varnish not only adds a hydrated and glossy finish, it unifies the juxtaposition of something that feels old with something new. – Corey Robinson


Exhibition: February 1st – 28th

Artist’s Reception: February 6th, 7-9pm

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