Abbot’s Bromley – England

At 8-o-clock in the morning an odd group of men wearing antlers gathers on the village common. They will spend the next 12 hours dancing their way between house and pub across the countryside – as their forefathers have done for 800 years or more – receiving food and drink in gratitude from their countrymen, knowing that it is on their shoulders to ensure a bountiful hunt for the coming season.

We like this dedication to tradition and community, in an era when the ways of old are disappearing. If the horn dancers came to our door we would offer them each a glass of beer with blessings for a good hunt.

On the evening of Tuesday, September 13th, we will welcome the Vancouver Morris Men, who keep English folk traditions alive and well. Please join us as we celebrate the changing of the seasons with songs and dance of old, and perhaps a glass of beer or two.
7 – 9pm

Celebrating in the Tasting Room Sept 8th – 14th

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