PELLVETICA : A Retrospective of Portraiture

‘Pellvetica: A Retrospective of Portraiture’ is a collection of portraits that combine the styles and ideas of artists Sandy Pell & Steve Pell through the use of pattern, proportion, space, and time.
As an illustrator, Sandy has been attracted to repetitive patterns since she was first introduced to Ukrainian easter eggs, spirographs, kaleidoscopes, and prisms. Inspired by these, she has become widely known for her unique and erratic, yet beautifully ornate pattern style.
As an experienced illustrator and graphic designer, Steve focuses on bringing an underlying order to chaos and is the yang to Sandy’s yin. His design philosophies, conceptual thinking, and artistic production process help bring ideas from thought to form.
In essence, Pellvetica represents an alchemy which aims to reconcile opposing qualities. Their ultimate goal is to transform blank spaces into memorable experiences that challenge existing boundaries and encourage unfamiliar outcomes. Recently, they were recognized as two of the world’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive magazine.
EXHIBITION October 1st through November 10th
OPENING RECEPTION October 4th, 7-9pm

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