STRANGE DAY # 18 : Midsummer

As the sun sets on the longest day of the year, all over the world people light bonfires to celebrate the sun’s triumph over darkness. In some places people jump over the fire to symbolically ward off the cold of the coming winter. Elsewhere, fishermen gather on the edge of the ocean to pray and make offerings to the Siren of the Seas to ensure safe passage and a bountiful catch. If the gifts are carried out to sea, she has accepted them and their giver will be blessed with good fortune.

To ensure luck for the coming year and in celebration of the sun’s brilliance, join us for a glass of Talisman, paired with this month’s Charcuterie Board – inspired by the sea!

On Sunday, June 19th, join us for a cask of dry-hopped Talisman in celebration of Dad’s brilliance.

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