REYNARD – the Trickster just slunk into town

Both villain and hero of the story, Fox is the quintessential trickster, exposing foolishness and greed with an irreverent flick of his tail. This classic Flemish style beer, with its sweet and sour character is a tribute to Fox’s duality. Aging for one year in French oak barrels lends a subtle woody vanilla note to this tart, cherry-like brown ale.

We are happy to announce the release of REYNARD – our much-anticipated first Oud Bruin. Brewed over a year ago, this classic Flemish brown ale has aged in French Oak barrels ever since, developing a complex rich, sweet and sour round character.

Aroma: Cherry pie, chocolate & licorice with leathery oak undertones

Character: Complex cherry sweetness with cider-like tartness, a delicate malt backbone and soft hint of vanilla

Colour: Brown

ABV: 6.5%

Food pairing: Earthy cheese, vinegary salad, Moules Frites, Carbonnade Flamande, Dessert


750ml bottles available at the Brewery as of June 13th, as well as at select private liquor stores around town beginning the week of June 13th.

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