Fellowship Release Today


Its hard to believe it, but today is the day we release the Inaugural Fellowship from Strange Fellows Brewing.  It has been an amazing journey, one that we learned a lot about things we didn’t need to know about, but even more about what we love around these parts:  Beer.

A few concerns we have:

  1.  Will the website crash if we get a bunch of people signing up for this
  2. How will all the everything go from a customer standpoint.  Does it make sense, are there glitches?
  3. We will run out or not sell very many of these memberships.  From what we can tell, we aren’t going to sell out of the Fellowship, but if we do, I feel bad for people who wanted to be part of this, and were unable.  It was not our intention to exclude people and we are sorry if this happens.

We put out a “how to sign up document” on the website which will hopefully help people.  Now, all we can do is wait and hope for the best on so many fronts.  No matter what we are excited to launch the first Brewery Specific Craft Beer group in Canada (that we know of at least).

So a big thanks must go to all our friends, family, supporters and staff who have made this possible.  We would be nothing without your support and encouragement.


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