THE FELLOWSHIP : To be released December 5th at 12pm

The Fellowship is a friendly, albeit strange association of people who share a passion for craft beer. Members of the Fellowship will receive preferential treatment, opportunities, and exclusive beers from Strange Fellows Brewing.  The membership is available to a limited number of individuals, and for this first edition of the Fellowship we have set the maximum number of members at 125.  The beers produced exclusively for the Fellowship are unique and have been given the upmost care and attention possible.  Several of these beers have already been brewed and are currently maturing in barrels under the watchful eye of Brewmaster Iain Hill.  It is expected the first beers will be ready for the Fellowship no sooner than the start of 2016.  Due to this being the first edition of the Fellowship and with the beers (slowly) maturing in barrels, we anticipate the inaugural Fellowship lasting until sometime in early 2017.  More details to come in the days ahead, but for now, mark December 5th at 12:00pm on your calendar.



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