Okavango – Photos by Robert Spooner

Until the end of August, when you walk into the Charles Clark Gallery, you’ll be greeted by visions from the Okavango – one of the world’s largest inland deltas, located in northern Botswana. This is where Robert Spooner – a Strange Fellow’s regular, veterinarian, and photographer at large – spends time each year, sharing his expertise with the people and their animals. His love of animals and the people he encounters is apparent in his photographs.

I’ve had an interest in photography since my teenage years, and always had a camera close at hand. With the advent of digital photography and no phone without a camera, my passion has grown.  While I haven’t pursued this interest professionally (yet), in recent years I’ve been able to combine photography with my veterinary career, and with volunteer work I’ve done as a veterinarian both in Canada and abroad.  I always keep an eye on my surroundings, paying close attention to changes in lighting and trying to see things from different perspectives, trying to make the ordinary intriguing.  As this collection will show, my trips to Botswana have left a huge impression on me.  The people and the wildlife there are incredible, and over the past five years the Okavango Delta has started to feel like a second home. – RS

EXHIBITION August 9th – 28th

ARTIST’S RECEPTION August 17th, 7-9pm


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