Celebrating Up Helly Aa, Jan 21-27


Join us JANUARY 21st – 27th for UP HELLY AA

– the first of our Strange Days!

GUIZER – A Northern-style Milk Stout on tap Jan 21st-27th.

JANUARY 21st – Scottish Grub & music 5pm onwards.

Wear a kilt / dress like a Viking to get a FREE glass of Stout!

Midwinter – Shetland Islands, Scotland

Puffs of breath mist the cold air as a lone horn signals to the crowd of hairy, torch-bearing men. Old ballads and the sound of thousands of stamping feet accompany a massive Viking longship as it is dragged through the darkened streets. The procession ends with the torching of the longship, symbolizing the rebirth of the sun. Followed by uproarious celebration until the wee hours, this pagan fire festival marks the end of Yuletide feasting, and honours Shetlander’s Norse ancestry.

We haven’t got a longship to burn, but we can honour our inner Viking with a glass of ale that will stick to the ribs, proclaiming “Drink Hail – I drink and good luck be to you”.

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