Thank you to our Customers

To all our #strange supporters: We want to take a moment to thank you for visiting, encouraging, supporting and taking the time to connect with us through our first week of business. It has been an amazing week, one that was a dream in many ways for us. To be able to send out a few tweets and messages on social media, and get the response we have seen in the tasting room is amazing. It speaks to the amazing community we have become part of, and the power of you as a consumer.

We have met and spoke with literally hundreds of people, and through these conversations we have been given a lot of feedback. We have heard what we are doing well, and we thank you for passing this information along. We have also learned what we need to improve on, and that means even more to a new business like ours.

We have learned is the following:

– Our menu board in the tasting rom needs to get changed. We will work on this over the next few weeks to find a better solution, where the words are easier to read and it makes a little more sense

– We need to post our hours and growler fills daily, on our website and on social media. We will get better at this, and with a launch today of our website, this will help a bunch

– There needs to be bike racks. We have spoken with a couple companies and hope to have this done early in the New Year. Until then we hope the metal railings will do

– Continue to change our beer and keep the 8 beers we have on tap in the tasting room and growler fill area changing with regularity.

Maybe you have something you want to add to this? We want and need to hear from you, so that we can make your experience at Strange Fellows all that it can be. That means we want to hear what we are doing well, but more importantly, we want to hear what we can get better at. The only way we can do this is for you to take a couple minutes and tell us what is wrong via the most convenient channel for you. Phone, email, social media, in person, smoke signals, carrier pigeon …. you get the drift.

We hope you have a great Christmas break, spend time with friends and family that you love and cherish being around, and that you celebrate all that life is and can be. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a most excellent holiday season and a great start to 2015.

Iain, Aaron and all the Strange Fellows staff

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